Ella's Kids, Inc. was birth out of the family history of Ella Robertson-Strother’s mom and dad who for over fifty years have helped the undeserved meet Jesus, get education, jobs, food, homes; thereby becoming productive members of God’s society!! Ella’s kids now serves families in shelters, ex-offenders, recovering addicts, and families struggling & underemployed to secure the items necessary for proper care and education of their children and themselves. Ella’s Kids also provides fun /educationally stimulating sessions for parents and children to assist them in learning Jesus-in learning LOVE!!

Additionally Ella’s Kids Inc. Ministry is currently embarking on the start of health awareness sessions for families in shelters and the undeserved population in the community, as well as, the struggling underemployed; thereby increasing their awareness and compliance with healthy lifestyle changes. This will enhance their opportunities for economic growth and development.